This is the most important page!

This might look like a page with a lot of text. But agreements are the most important part of any interaction. They create consent, and help both of us to stay safe, and clear about what is and isn't possible. Here are some of the key things for you to consider before you choose to work with me:

What conSensuality is:

conSensuality is a boundaried, guided space to explore a number of clear, defined experiences of intimate interactive touch and connection. This is done through structured hands-on exercises and play segments, and supported by discussion and sharing. The pathway uses the Wheel Of Consent as a container for experience, learning, and safety.

Sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, and arousal are all welcome in these sessions.

Interactions may include two-way erotic, non-genital and/or genital touch within clear limits and agreements made during each session. Learn more about what happens.

What conSensuality is not:

This work does not constitute or imply:

  • A sex hookup
  • An erotic ‘happy ending’ massage
  • An ongoing personal relationship with me outside the session space
  • Any guarantee of ongoing work with me beyond these defined sessions


Safety, limits and boundaries:

I hold the container of these sessions in service to supporting your experience and learning. And I will also look after and honour my own needs and limits.

In order to allow for as much safety and intimacy as possible the sessions are informed by authentic choice for both of us. You can stop or change your mind about anything we are doing at any time, and I can too.

This means there may be times when I am not willing or able to consent to, or continue with, a particular request or interaction - even if it is something we have previously done. And I will honour any similar choices you make from moment to moment.

The choice to stop or change:

Because the heart of this work relies on authentic intimacy I will only embark on the pathway with you, or move beyond the first session, if it feels right for both of us, and if I feel sure both of us have the capacity to do so.

Both of us have the opportunity to terminate the pathway after the first session for any reason. In this case any payment for sessions, beyond the first, already made will be refunded, minus any expenses already incurred (including but not limited to venue and travel).

Both of us can choose to stop or change what is happening at any time if we are not comfortable, without the need for explanation.

Sexual health

Sexual health and safety is vital for both of us. I undergo regular sexual health screening and checkups, and I request that you provide confirmation that you have had a checkup within a month of beginning this pathway of work with me.

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Want to work with me in a different way?

I offer conSensuality as a pre-defined package only. I do not offer interactive erotic touch in one-off sessions, and I do not offer alternatives or modifications to the package structure outlined here.

If you’d like to work with me in a different way, over a fewer number of sessions, or in a less interactive way, I do offer learning-based one-way touch sessions using the protocols of Sexological Bodywork informed by the Wheel Of Consent.

Personal information

All personal information you provide me with is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.