Do you long for meaningful sensual touch, intimacy, or pleasure with another man,

but find it elusive, complicated ... or even scary?


is a simple, powerful 5-session pathway to open your connection to these essential human experiences.



Two questions.

Infinite possibilities.

How do you want me to touch you?

How do you want to touch me?

They sound simple but working with these two questions can open a doorway to four profound and distinct experiences of interaction, with the potential to give and receive the touch you truly desire.

I’m Michael,

I’m a hands-on intimacy coach, and I offer you a lovingly held, non-judgmental and sensual space for you to safely explore and understand your desires – somewhere you can feel honoured and supported in whatever way is right for you in each moment.

Watch the video to discover more about what conSensuality is, or find out more about me


is your chance to explore and be nourished by sensuality and intimacy with another man. Pleasure, nakedness, arousal, and erotic expression are all welcome in the space we create together.

The process is kept as safe as possible with a clear structure, practices, and mutual agreements, informed by the Wheel Of Consent. The journey is guided by your needs, and I bring my learning, skills, heart and body in joyful service to support you.

This is for you if you...

  • are a man who would like to explore or experience your erotic self, intimacy and touch with another man
  • want to learn or practice skills for consenting intimate interactions in a safe, sensual environment
  • would like to more fully understand, and explore, giving and receiving pleasure
  • have a curiosity to learn about your own desire in a respectful interactive learning container

"I appreciated Michael's ability to offer his rare and enthusiastic expertise combined with listening out respectfully for my particular individual needs ... the space he held, was one where non-judgement and healing were offered to a profoundly intimate and complex area of human experience. He has set me on a journey of deepening self-awareness and more meaningful physical relating. This is very valuable" 2019 client